Top Picks in Hardware and Embedded Security

Co-located with the 2021 International Conference On Computer Aided Design (ICCAD 2021)

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Here is a list of questions that were frequently asked in the past Top Picks Workshops. The list will be updated by appending new questions at the end of the list.

FAQ 1Are papers that appeared in journals eligible?

Answer: Yes, they are eligible for presentation and discussion in Top Picks Workshop. If they are selected as a Top Pick, they will be recognized but a publication in IEEE D&T may not be feasible.

FAQ 2Can I not present at the workshop and be considered for the top pick?

Answer: No, presentation at the workshop is mandatory to be considered for the top pick.

FAQ 3Can I submit multiple papers? Is there a limit on the number of papers submitted/nominated per author?

Answer: Yes, you can submit/nominate multiple papers as long as they are eligible. There is no limit on the submissions you can make.

FAQ 4Can we combine two papers (e.g., DAC+ the follow-up version in ICCAD) and submit?

Answer: No, each paper has to be independently nominated.

FAQ  5Is there any format requirement for the 2-page nomination letter?

Answer: No. You can use either single column or double column, but make sure that the font size is 10 pt or 11 pt to ensure readability.

FAQ 6: How can I help?

Answer: There are many ways that you can help the Top Picks Workshop. First, nominate a paper or encourage your colleagues to submit. Second, volunteer to serve as a program committee member. Third, register and participate the workshop and actively involve in the discussion. Fourth, volunteer to serve as a reviewer for the D&T special section papers of the Top Picks. For volunteer opportunities, email the workshop co-chairs.

FAQ 7 For the presentation at the virtual workshop, can I use a pre-recorded video clip?

Answer: Yes. You can. But it is required for you to participate the discussion (Q&A) after your presentation.