The security and trust of hardware, mainly integrated circuits (IC) design and integration, has become an important research topic. However, the research scope of hardware security and trust has not been well defined and thus, to many, the distinction between hardware security and trust and cybersecurity and cryptographic hardware is unclear.

The goals of the Hardware Security and Trust Technical Committee (HSTTC) under IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation (CEDA) are:

1) Help researchers better understand the challenges and risks in the hardware security and trust domain;

2) Help both academia and industry to develop countermeasures and solutions to hardware security and trust problems;

3) Promote the design and distribution of open-source CAD for Assurance tools to academia, industry and government.

Following these goals, the missions of the HSTTC are:

1) to increase the global awareness of hardware security and trust through organized events;

2) to introduce key concepts and the latest results of hardware security and trust through journal special issues and special sessions in conferences;

3) to facilitate collaboration in this interdisciplinary topic;

4) to construct open-source CAD for Assurance toolchains based on existing open-source EDA tools.