Top Picks in Hardware and Embedded Security

Co-located with the 2022 International Conference On Computer Aided Design (ICCAD 2022)

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A2: Analog Malicious HardwareKaiyuan Yang
Aker: A Design and Verification Framework for Safe and Secure SoC Access ControlAndy Meza
An Analysis of Speculative Type Confusion Vulnerabilities in the WildAdam Morrison
CaSA: End-to-end Quantitative Security Analysis of Randomly Mapped CachesYuheng Yang
FPGA-Based Remote Power Side-Channel AttacksMark Zhao
Keystone: An Open Framework for Architecting Trusted Execution EnvironmentsDavid Kohlbrenner
Make Some Noise. Unleashing the Power of Convolutional Neural Networks for Profiled Side-channel AnalysisShivam Bhasin
Microarchitectural Attack Synthesis with Happens-Before AnalysisCaroline Trippel
No-FAT: Architectural Support for Low Overhead Memory Safety ChecksMiguel Arroyo
Stealthy Tracking of Autonomous Vehicles with Cache Side ChannelsMulong Luo